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Kisshi™ Easy-Lifter Mattress Riser (2 PCS)

Kisshi™ Easy-Lifter Mattress Riser (2 PCS)

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Simplify the task of changing sheets, even for a heavier California king bed, with the Kisshi™ Easy-Lifter Mattress Riser!

This tool features an inclined wedge design that effortlessly separates the bed and box spring while maintaining a raised position of 3-5 inches. This makes it simple to remove, change, and adjust your linens without the need for repeated heavy lifting or prolonged bending as you make the bed. By lifting the mattress, it eliminates strains and stress from your back, shoulders, hands, and neck, providing added convenience and comfort during sheet changes.Additionally, the flat, smooth end allows you to push it in and tuck covers deeper from all sides, resulting in a tightened, wrinkle-free finish. Experience the ease and efficiency of sheet-changing with the Kisshi™ Easy-Lifter Mattress Riser!

The bed tucker wedge is designed with an ergonomic handheld port that provides a secure grip, allowing you to hold it comfortably and securely at a natural wrist position. With its smooth and safe edges, it can effortlessly slide through bed corners without snagging or damaging fabrics.Additionally, the Kisshi™ Easy-Lifter Bed Helper is lightweight, making it easy to handle and maneuver. You can use it to quickly and effortlessly tuck in and fix mattresses wherever you are, whether it's at home, in hotels, apartments, dormitories, or any other setting.Enjoy the convenience and versatility of the Kisshi™ Easy-Lifter Bed Helper as it simplifies the task of changing bed sheets, saving you time and effort.

Never lift a mattress again when removing or changing covers using this Kisshi™ easy-lifter mattress riser!  


  • Quick and Easy Bed Making
    Introducing the perfect solution for anyone who struggles with changing their bed sheets - a brilliant mattress helper tool that will make your life so much easier! This innovative tool can be effortlessly slid under the bottom of your bed cushion to give it a perfect lifting, allowing you to tuck in your bed sheets neatly and with ease. You'll no longer have to struggle with lifting your mattress by hand and awkwardly trying to adjust your linens with one hand. The tucker wedges make it even more efficient - simply place them on both bed edges to make mattress making faster and easier than ever before. It's not just convenient for adults either - this tool can also help teach kids how to change and fix their beds independently. Say goodbye to the hassle of changing your bedding and hello to effortless bed making with this genius tool!  

  • Flawless Tucking
    The Kisshi™ easy-lifter tool boasts an ingenious wedge-shaped design, allowing it to effortlessly separate and elevate the bed as it is inserted. Additionally, it features a flat, smooth end that facilitates swift adjustments and tucking in of bed covers at the corners and edges upon waking. By simply pressing the wedge tool along the bed edges to correct any untucked linens from the night, it ensures a neatly made bed free from unsightly wrinkles and tangled duvets each morning.

  • No More Back Pain
    The mattress finishing elevator not only facilitates the swift tucking of bedsheets in a minute or less but also mitigates the need for prolonged bending over. It effectively alleviates strains and fatigue from the back, as well as reduces the excessive pressure on the hands and shoulders caused by repetitive lifting during the bed-making process. This makes it an exceptional aide for individuals of all ages, particularly the elderly, children, and those who suffer from chronic back pain or injuries.

  • Ergonomic Design
    The bed sheet tucker wedge is meticulously designed with a spacious handheld port that ensures a secure grip, even for children with small hands. Rest assured, it is manufactured without any harmful materials or sharp edges that could potentially snag your fabrics or cause discomfort to your hands. This versatile tool can be safely utilized for fixing and tucking in various types of bed sheets, including linens, silk, cotton, duvets, microfiber, and more. Additionally, its lightweight and compact nature allows for effortless portability, making it suitable for use at home, hotels, dormitories, apartments, and an array of other settings.

  • Premium Quality
    Crafted from premium, non-toxic PP plastic, this bed sheet fixer exhibits outstanding durability and long-lasting functionality. It is capable of effortlessly lifting heavier mattresses for extended periods without deforming or breaking. Additionally, unlike other products that require lifting the mattress for proper placement, this sheet fixer smoothly slips into the edge of the bed, ensuring a seamless and hassle-free experience.

  • Material: PP
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  • 2 x Kisshi™ Easy-Lifter Mattress Riser
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