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Kisshi Instant Lifting Collagen Protein Thread Lifting Set

Kisshi Instant Lifting Collagen Protein Thread Lifting Set

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Don't miss out! Over 1,000 women are transforming their skin TODAY

Eleanor Baker, 56, Austinburg, Ohio

"I've been using this Thread Lifting Set for just a few days, and my skin has never felt better or smoother in my entire life. I'm pleasantly surprised because within a week, I can already see a reduction in my wrinkles and a remarkable firming of my face without any discomfort or hindrance in facial movements. Even my pores appear smaller, and my overall complexion looks healthier and more youthful. Despite being in my 50s, I'm proud to say that I no longer look my age, thanks to this product's flawless and natural lifting effect. I no longer need to schedule expensive medical appointments! Grateful for this, and I highly recommend it to everyone!"


Laura Garelli, 48, Monaco, France


"Managing stress and the effects of aging led to an excessive number of deep wrinkles, particularly around my eyes, forehead, and mouth areas. I'm usually a critical person, and this set has truly exceeded my expectations with its rapid results for achieving younger-looking skin. In just a week of using it, I've already noticed the fine lines and wrinkles on my face disappearing. It not only moisturizes my skin but also leaves it feeling fresh, softer, and brighter than ever. The comprehensive lifting and firming effect is truly incredible, and I haven't even finished the set yet. My partner jokes with me about discovering the fountain of youth, and I think he wants to try it too! This is the best purchase ever!"

It's Time To Prioritize Your Skin's Well-Being. What Triggers Alterations In Facial Appearance?

The aging process is a primary factor influencing the typical transformation of the face and neck. Our body houses collagen and elastin, essential for providing support and maintaining structure, strength, firmness, and elasticity.

Nevertheless, as we age, the production of collagen and elastin decelerates, resulting in the skin naturally losing elasticity and becoming more delicate. The reduction in production also leads to a decrease in the body's natural oils, causing the skin to dry and become inadequately replenished.

Permitting the skin to develop imperfections, lackluster appearance, folds, uneven texture, sagging, and the formation of lines and creases. These lines, referred to as wrinkles, are particularly noticeable around the eyes, mouth, or neck, and they are most prominent on sun-exposed skin. Exposure to ultraviolet radiation accelerates the aging process, breaking down the connective tissues in the skin—specifically collagen and elastin.

Protein Thread Lifting Set: The Essential Solution for Restoring Youthful Skin

The Instant Lifting Set is crafted with unique golden threads infused with absorbable proteins and advanced lifting serums. These dissolvable threads actively enhance and sculpt the facial contour, working to tighten, lift, and reposition sagging skin upon application. Employing a minimally invasive threading technique, it facilitates the skin in boosting the natural production of collagen and elastin to a superior degree. Consequently, it assures the comprehensive addressing of all visible signs of aging, effectively smoothing fine lines, creases, deep wrinkles, and loose skin on the face or neck.

This collection of instantly powerful skin-lifting and tightening agents serves as a cost-effective and efficient alternative to surgeries and botox. It carries no risk of scarring, severe bruising, bleeding, or other complications, such as irritations and restrictions in facial movements. Additionally, it delivers visible results within just a week of consistent use.

Exclusively accessible in clinics at first, but now...

A number of women in the office are dealing with issues related to aging skin. Upon trying out this set, they experienced noticeable and swift improvement. This skincare option can result in savings of over $2,500 annually compared to costly spa visits.
✅ No Need For Pricey Sessions Anymore!
✅ Say Goodbye To Time-Consuming Appointments!
✅ Utilize It In The Comfort Of Your Own Home
​✅ Harness The Potent Strength For Regaining Youthful Skin
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Let's Follow Danielle's 14-Day Journey To Firmer, Younger-Looking Skin:

In her fifties, Danielle faced significant challenges with deep wrinkles on her face. Reluctant to undergo costly and risky surgeries, she experimented with various creams and oils, all in vain. Turning to the internet, she stumbled upon the Instant Lifting Set. Delighted to share, Danielle attests that this is the sole product that has successfully delivered a wrinkle-free, youthful complexion for her.

Day 01

In my late thirties, I've already noticed the appearance of frown lines and deeper wrinkles on my face. Aging skin has become an increasing concern until now. I came across this set on the internet and believe it's worth a try. After application, my skin felt significantly more relaxed, although I haven't seen a reduction in my creases and lines just yet. This is expected, considering it's only my first day using this product.

Day 07

After a week of using this product, my skin has become noticeably firmer, and the difference between my current look and before is evident. The serious face lifting effect has led to a dramatic reduction and smoothing of wrinkles, all without any irritations or allergic reactions on my skin. Even my friends have started to comment on my brighter appearance and the decrease in wrinkles. I'm now hooked on the results and am hopeful for even more improvements!

Day 14

After two weeks, the wrinkles have vanished completely! Thanks to this product's powerlifting effect, my face doesn't have any sagginess either. I feel even more youthful, and it's truly boosting my confidence. I'm incredibly grateful that I discovered this set online—it's definitely worth a try!

Danielle Allen --- Charlotte, North Carolina

How to Use:

  1. Spritz our gold serum (or any other serums) evenly across your face.
  2. Carefully position the golden protein thread on your face following the direction of your muscles.
  3. Next, apply the gold serum to your face, massaging it from bottom to top using the pads of your fingers, allowing your skin to absorb it.

      *The outcomes can differ based on the serum used. For optimal results, we suggest incorporating our 24K Gold Serum from our set.

      Product Details:

      • 1/2/3 Bottle(s) of Golden Protein Threads (20 Threads per Bottle **Need to use with Lifting Serum)
      • 1/2/5/10 Set(s) of InstaLift Korean Protein Thread Lifting Set (5X 24K Gold Serum + 1X Golden Protein Threads per Set)
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